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Our Vision

Sustainable life quality with efficient solutions. Together we take care of your health and wellbeing.
FARNOVO sets new standards for modern quality paint with ecological aspects throughout the entire product life cycle.
We give the choice, you make the decision.

FARNOVO Wall Paint

The mineral wall paint with the highest ecological standards.

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DECOTON pigments

Natural hues for your walls. Make it colorful.

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Sustainable quality wall paint. Yes we can.

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Good to know

Current information on the topic of ecological painting and renovation.

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A consumption table and a schematic overview of the preparation of our ecological wall paint FARNOVO can be found here.
To mix our innovative dry paint quickly and well, use our patented wall paint-DPM mixer.

  • Top class sustainable wall paint (for the highest demands)
  • Non-drip mixing with DPM blender (clean rooms)
  • Professional friendly (Hiding power class 1)
  • High functionality (1 product - 3 applications)

DPM Academy

To ensure the professional application of our innovative paint in your home, we invite you and your local craftsmen to our DPM Academy. The demonstration and subsequent certification are aimed at acquainting your masters with the application of our materials in the best way, thus we guarantee you quality and increase your trust. Our doors are always open and you can register for free. Contact us

DPM Academy welcomes everyone for whom quality and environment friendliness come first.

Certificate DPM Classic Academy
Our Offers

We are Gloki -
we think globally and act locally

DPM Mashel is a young and innovative company from Aachen. We have intensively researched for you for two years and it was worth it. In 2018 we developed the first high quality dry wall paint FARNOVO. We are the specialists.

If you would like to be a part of the DPM Family in your region or country and represent the trade names FARNOVO and DECOTON let us know. We are open for new collaborations and challenges worldwide.We keep our promises!

We are already there

Belgium, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Belarus and another 7 countries in the western administration of Africa and Arabian Peninsula
Soon also: USA, Ukraine

Farnovo can be transported around the world without any problems. Due to its properties -temperature resistance and the long shelf life- we become more and more popular around the world. Our customers enjoy and trust the highest quality of the world's most sustainable wall paint. (Top 1000 efficient solution)

DPM-Mashel - Globaly represented

Company´s History

The further expansion of DPM Mashel also opens up the CIS states.
The range is being expanded and with our DECOTON series we are bringing a natural variety of colors into your home.
The Product Dry Paint Manufacturing Mashel (DPM Classic) is introduced to the market place.
The name of the company was changed to “DPM-Mashel GmbH”. The company focused on production of new innovative construction and paint products corresponding to the new challenges of the market and based on the long-term family experience.
The second generation of the family took control over the company and developed the business focus on new international targets.
“Mashel” reorganized its activities and operated more than a decade as a trading company of leading European construction brands.
The Company “Mashel” started as an electric company operating successfully in the construction industry. The company has been strongly represented in Eastern Europe.

Questions left?

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    Andreas Weber
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    Theodor Gerth
    Marketing and customer service

Ecological painting

Ecological painting and renovation is important for you. But the decision is difficult and you need more information?
Don't worry, we will be happy to give you advice and answer all your questions professionally and neutrally.

Please call ...

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We are looking forward to your request!


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